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New Home Warranty Inspections

The purchase of a home (new or old) for most people is the most expensive investment that they will ever make. A home inspection by a qualified Home Inspector will provide you with all the information you should need to help you make the decision if that home is the right investment for you.

Many people believe that new homes do not require an inspection just because it is new. This is far from true. We have discovered hundreds of issues in the new homes that we have inspected. We have seen everything from small items such as poor paint, scratched counter tops, warped cabinet doors, to large issues such as missing or displaced insulation, major foundation cracks, incorrectly connected plumbing, damaged furnaces, missing ductwork, and in one unfortunate case a potentially deadly carbon monoxide leak.

With a new home, you have a great opportunity to have these issues corrected by the builder. Let HomePro Inspections help you find these issues so you can properly report them to your builder and to Tarion.

Tarion Warranty

You have the opportunity to submit issues with your home at several times. 

- PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection)

- 30 days - Prior to the end of the 30th day after possession

- 1 Year - Within the last 30 days before the 1 year anniversary of the date of possession

- 2 Year - any time in the second year of possession

- 7 Year - any time between the 3rd and 7th year of possession.

More information about Tarion and the warraty

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Our Inspectors are members of both the O.A.H.I. and C.A.H.P.I. associations. They carry not only the National Certificate Holder designation, but also the R.H.I designation. Click here to see if your inspector is a National Certificate Holder. They are also among the very few Certified Radon Measurement Providers in Ottawa. Please see the "Inspectors" and "Finding a Good Inspector" links at the top of the page.

HomePro is a relocation service provider for Brookfield Relocation Services.  We will be able to help you with you relocation home inspection on short notice. If you have your relocation number, we can invoice Brookfield directly.

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Home Inspections

New Home Warranty Inspections

Radon Gas Testing


Mike White (RHI, National Certificate Holder) is the owner of HomePro Inspections in Ottawa. Click on the "Inspectors" link at the top of the page for more information about our Inspectors.

The "HomeBook" pictured above is the report you will receive at the completion of your home Inspection. For more details on the HomeBook click on the "Report" link at the top of the page.

More information about Tarion

Tarion Warranty